Portrait of a City Walking Tour

Saturdays 11am (from January to May)

Beginning in Forsyth Park, one of the earliest public parks in America, stories about land and land use will form the backdrop to this leisurely two-hour stroll through some of the most beautiful squares, gardens, and alleys in Savannah. Structured, not scripted, Dr Blackwood paints a vivid picture of the people, monuments, and edifices that bore witness to the past three hundred years, interweaving an expansive global narrative about utopic visions, innovation and industriousness, and the will of the human spirit. As part of this unique experience, we will peek inside a historic mansion with a curious collection of local treasures, and sample indigenous Yaupon tea, taking us full circle to stories of the earliest inhabitants and pre-colonial landscape. $50 per person inclusive, eight guests or less.  For more details or to book, click here.  


Public Lecture + Master Class 

Spring, 2021 

Art and Amble had planned to launch its inaugural lecture series this past Spring, titled An Artful World, which has since been postponed due to Covid-19.  The intention of these lectures is to create a high-value communal conversation on the intersecting subjects of art, design, botany, and material history, with distinguished international speakers from academia, museums, and historic preservation. The first speaker of this annual event will still be renowned garden historian, Mark Laird.  He publishes and lectures extensively on eighteenth-century botany, advises for various historic gardens in Europe and North America, and is currently an Associate Professor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto. Please check back for more details. 


PAST Experiences

Savannah Design Retreat 

February 27 - March 1, 2020

Art and Amble partnered with The Passenger Travel in NYC for a three-day weekend itinerary designed to introduce a sophisticated and intellectually curious group of aesthetically-minded women to a balance of old world elegance and contemporary southern artistry and hospitality.  Over a warm winter weekend, we enjoyed private visits to historic homes, gardens, antique shops, and artist studios, along with workshops and insider access to Savannah's leading designers, creatives, and historians. Some highlights include collaborations with Libbie Summers and Mimi Cay, along with workshops and studio visits with Trish Andersen, Pamela Wiley, Cathy Jarman, and Madame Magar.



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