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Women in Savannah Walking Tour
Available Upon Request

This limited-offer 1.5 hour, female-focused walk through the cityscape of Savannah celebrates the fascinating tales of women in this town - both familiar and new. Special guest historian, Dr. Lizzie Rogers, will join Dr. Nicole Blackwood as they curate a tour experience centered on women’s voices and leadership. Together we'll explore the strong women who both guarded and crafted the city in various ways, and who often defied expectations through their wit, ingenuity, and courage. Stories of intrigue, drama, and heroism will be grounded in scholarly research and conceived as a fun conversation between friends. This tour will make you both laugh and cry, and leave you rethinking the way women contributed to the fabric of this beautiful city and beyond. And though we focus on female stories, all are welcome! To book click here. $35/person.


Portrait of a City Walking Tour
Saturday, May 7th @ 11am

Beginning in Forsyth Park, one of the earliest public parks in America, stories about land and land use will form the backdrop to this leisurely 1.5-hour stroll through some of the most beautiful squares, gardens, and alleys in Savannah. Structured, not scripted, Dr Blackwood paints a vivid picture of the people, monuments, and edifices that bore witness to the past three hundred years, interweaving an expansive global narrative about utopic visions, innovation and industriousness, and the will of the human spirit. As part of this unique experience, we will sample indigenous Yaupon tea, taking us full circle to stories of the earliest inhabitants and pre-colonial landscape. $35 per person inclusive. For more details or to book, click here.  


Private Walking Tour
By Appointment

Our private walking tour offerings include both our signature Portrait of a City and our most recent experience Women in Savannah. Customized itinerary based on your interests or needs are also available upon request. Whatever option you select, we promise to connect you with the most vibrant stories of the city, either generally or through a particular lens, exploring Savannah's streets, art, architecture, gardens, and history in particular and meaningful ways.  Rates are based on a 1.5-hour itinerary.  Private site visits or experiences can be included for an additional fee and could include a guided museum tour, a tasting, a personalized shopping experience, or a visit to an artist's studio. Please email us for more details, rates, and availability at Or view our current schedule and offerings here.   


Full-Service Itineraries

Looking for a more extensive experience?  Art and Amble builds custom, multi-day itineraries designed to introduce a sophisticated and intellectually curious group of travelers to a balance of old-world elegance and contemporary southern artistry and hospitality.  Such activities may include private visits to historic homes, gardens, antique shops, or artist studios, along with educational workshops or insider access to Savannah's leading designers, creatives, storytellers, and historians. Arrangements of accommodation, on-ground transportation, and culinary experiences, along with full on-site concierge services are also available.  Please email us for more details at


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